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Shenzhen Road &Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group) was established in May 1979, formerly known as Shenzhen city road project construction headquarters.After the efforts of over 30 years, Road & Bridge Group has developed into the diversified group with multinomial construction qualification and the ability of investment development.

TheGroup, with the registered capital of 305 million Yuan, owns the municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting grade I, highway general contracting grade I, earth and rock engineering professional contracting grade I, roadbed specialized contracting level I, bridge engineering contracting grade I, and housing construction project construction general contracting grade II qualification, etc.The Group headquarters set up 11 functional departments, including money center, tax center, technology center and Shenzhen postdoctoral innovation base, and subordinates 13 molecular companies, with the city lighting, bridge detection, green construction, asphalt production, housing construction, contracting, property management and other special business qualification. It is a diversified group which is wholly owned by state, based on"city services (custody and maintenance of roads, bridges, landscaping and lighting), supported by the municipal engineering and highway engineering construction, and supplemented by property management and real estate development". It is one of state-owned construction enterprises of Shenzhen with strong comprehensive strength, and the municipal construction industry backbone enterprises and dominant force of Shenzhen. The Group has passed ISO9001 quality system, OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system, environment system certification and national metrology qualified certificationsuccessively.

Shenzhen Road & BridgeGroup undertakesthe construction management duties of Shenzhen municipal infrastructure (municipal road, bridge structure, water supply and drainage engineering, water plant, sewage treatment plant, etc.), also performs the integration responsibilities such as construction management, operation supervision and maintenance of municipal road, bridge structures and water supply and drainage engineeringon behalf of the government, and contributes a lot in the great course of the urbanization miracle in creating the world history for thirty years of Shenzhen special economic zone.

Over the years, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group always regards the development of corporate social responsibility as an important responsibility and bear responsibility, and at the same time, as the leading unit and backbone of emergency risk in Shenzhen city traffic infrastructure field, has a profound impact on the social and economic development in every moment.Whether "8.5" explosion emergency of Shenzhen Qingshui River of 1993, emergency project construction and road engineering guarantee at the return of Hong Kong in 1997, Gansu Longnan earthquake relief and post-disaster rebuilding of Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, urban road and bridge construction projects, traffic facilities, emergency rescue and protection work in the world university games which were held in Shenzhen in 2011,or the work in participating in "hand in hand, heart to heart" donations and counterpart poverty relief and help in Guangdong province, have been walking in the forefront, and won the praise from all walks of life.

Looking to the future, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group will continue to uphold the enterprise mission of "building with originality and road & bridge for hundreds of years", create the professional, informationized and management integrating the unique and industry-leading Shenzhen city municipal transportation infrastructure "Yang" (maintenance and supervision), "Xiu" (repair and renovation), "Bao" (emergency care), "Jian" (project construction and management), "Tou" (BT/BOT, investment and development and emerging edge industry). It strives to recreate new road & bridge in five years, and actively builds the respectable urban traffic comprehensive service provider. 

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