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Executive Director, Party Scretary, General Manager Liu Shengxiang

        Shenzhen Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. was originated in May 1979 and formally establishedin June 1980 with over 30 years of dedication to the road and bridge construction, management and maintenance in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The Group is the“Road and Bridge Chamberlain”worthy of the name, the personal participant, whole witness and dedicated maintainer of Shenzhen which was a “small fishing village” to creating the historical miracle of urbanization in the world, and is the backbone enterprise and leading force in the field of urban infrastructure construction and management of Shenzhen. Comparing the quality of the international cities, establishing the landmark image of the industry, the Group has been devoted to the modern urban road construction, management and maintenance, and has created the excellent development achievements and brand reputation, and has successfully implemented the Name Card of Shenzhen --- ShennanAvenue and Beihuan Avenue reconstruction and improvement projects, created the urban arterial road heavy maintenance and reconstruction mode of “People Oriented, Green and Eco-Friendly”.

        With constant efforts and brilliances, since the establishment, social assistance, peernurturance, partners consideration, cadres demonstration, pragmatic staffs and family care are the government support, foundation for the development of the Road & Bridge Group, we feel gratified and proud but we are grateful and cherishing, we can fulfill our dream and come up to expectations through advance forward firmly.

        Dedicated Construction, Centenary Road & Bridge, it is the visionand pursuance of us to become the respectful comprehensive service provider of urban traffic infrastructure, facing the future without forgetting the original intention, we will start again with all efforts to construct and improve two management platforms of urban operation service and project construction general contracting basing on the corporate spirit of “Pragmatic Action,Social Commitment and Self Improvement”, constantly promote the Group to transform to the platform-oriented, management-oriented, innovation-oriented and capital-oriented enterprise, innovate and develop together with Shenzhen, continue the new chapter of the Chinese road and bridge industry with greater contribution for the urban construction and development of Shenzhen! 

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