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Take responsibility on shoulders and benefit the people’s livelihood
Road & bridge peoplestick to the front line of urban transportation infrastructure maintenance, to ensure thatthe citizens travel safely, smoothly and comfortably with highly responsible attitude.In "urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy" moment, Road & bridge people show the bearing spirit of “coming as soon as called, fight, and winning by fight” and the key ability to execute of “pulling out, winning, all-weather,sustainable”, rank in the emergency rescue front line and gi
To rapidly implement the arrangement and deployment of Shenzhen municipal party committee, party committee of SASACand municipal holding company for precise poverty alleviation work, After it organized Mibei village precise poverty alleviation villager re
On October 4, 2015, Zhanjiang was positively attacked by typhoon "rainbow", drainage, landscaping, road lighting and other municipal facilities were subjected to different degree of damage, and had serious impact on normal production and living
in June 2014, Road& Bridge Group built Guangdong province Lufeng Daliqiao engineering construction.The project wasa popular feelings project which is built by discipline inspectioncommission of Shenzhen. Since the bridge engineering division of the gr
In March 2014, it established "helping the poor" funds, and raised money of 1 million Yuan; from 1991 to 2015,Road & BridgeGroup and employees donated to the society and individuals for totally1.83 million Yuan and nearly 20000 pieces of clo
In 2013, Road & Bridge Group, as one of the city's major emergency security team, quickly and efficiently disposedShennan east road, Lianhua road Jingtian segment crack, and Binhe avenue auxiliary road collapse, and Meilinguan management, emergenc
At 1:00pm of July 25, 2012, influenced by Vicente typhoon rainstorm, the slide slope in Shenyan No.2 channel Jiamenshan tunnel in No.1 tunnel east direction has debris flow, so that the culvert was blocked, stone was washed to the road by water, and traff
XintianShichangqiao is one of 45 bridges ofShenzhen Bao’an district Guanglan street office municipal service agency, and is evaluated as grade D in the bridge test. The bridge is located on the road from Guanlan avenue to stone yard, which mainlydrive hea
On May 12, 2008, Sichuan Wenchuan took a huge earthquake, and the disaster affectedeach Shenzhen person.In earthquake relief counterpart support action, Shenzhen emerged a lot of glory collectives, advanced collectives and outstanding people who were &
In August 2002, in Meilin Guankou landslide disaster, actively joined the rescue and rescue action, promptly solved the problem of the personnel and mechanical mixing, and waspraised by Shenzhen government.
In August 1980, Shenzhen suffered decades of heavy rainfall, so that the city traffic was paralyzed comprehensively, and the city government went all out to rescue. The company were entrusted with a mission at a critical moment and immediately organized p

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