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      • 2014
        Reform of management and control mo
        Build the bidding procurement platform, and introduce the bidding procurement guidelinesandbidding procurement management method supporting system, and improve the bidding procurement work quality and efficiency.Set up ministry of audit risk, establishthe
        Combination and renaming of the sub
        In October 2014, the Group integrates and adjusts 18 subsidiary branches, set up 11 subsidiary branches, includingFutian branch, Luohu branch (formerly Yantian branch incorporation) and road engineering branch (division 1 and division 2 are merged), highw
        The internal organization combinati
        In September 2014, Road & Bridge Group set up party and government office (disciplinary inspection office), and was merged by original department office, party committee office and trade unions;set up the audit and risk management department (supervis
      • 2015
        Set up enterprise technology center
        Found enterprise technology center in 2015. The Group was formally selected as "2014 approved postdoctoral innovation practice base (municipal) list"in February 2015.
        Undertake bid II works of Qianhai m
        Qianhai municipal engineering bid II, located in Shenzhen Qianhai cooperation zone, is the largest municipal project of Qianhai area.In May 2014, the group stood out of nearly 70 topconstruction enterprises which participated in the fierce competition of
        Feasibly push enterprise cultural c
        Set up three working groups such as enterprise development group and enterprise culture group, comprehensively comb up the development and achieved important results of the group, complete the design work of "enterprise VI manual", establish ent
      • 2016
        Establish Guangzhou branch and Chon
        Officially establish Guangzhou branch and Chongqing branch in 2016

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