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Shenzhen Road and Bridge Group, the existing headquarters of the Honggang Area base, road engineering branch base, investment company base and Qingshuihe municipal maintenance base, the next Merlin municipal maintenance base, Merlin bridge maintenance base, Nanshan Municipal Water Base, Nanshan bridge testing base, Tonglang mountain road engineering base, Tanglangshan special machinery base and more than ten production bases and Phuket Lee Lang, Baoan manhole, Antoine and other areas to be developed and built production base, and has, including Hong Kong, water shell, the people of the North, East Park, Yantian and other Area a total of more than 30,000 square meters of rental properties.
Based on the Group's own land development and construction, Shenzhen Road and Bridge Group will vigorously cultivate property development business during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and will form three major business synergies in parallel with the core businesses of urban custody and engineering construction. Development of the business structure, and promote long-term stable development of enterprises. At the same time, innovative property management model, by promoting the centralized property control, the old property city renewal and other measures to achieve optimal stock, expand the incremental resource asset management objectives, improve the property leasing business economic efficiency and management level, to ensure that state assets Increasing the value of.

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