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The Bridge Detection Station of Shenzhen Road and Bridge Maintenance Center was established in July, 1999. It is a public institution with independent corporate capacity. It comprehensively conducts various test and detection tasks for roads and bridges so as to provide decision basis for road and bridge maintenance. In June, 2000, it passed the metrological accreditation review organized by the provincial Technical Supervision Bureau for the first time, obtained the Certificate of Conformity in Metrology Accreditation. In March, 2009, it passed reexamination for metrological accreditation, and in July, it got the Qualification Certificate of Construction Engineering Quality Testing Organization issued by Guangdong Construction Department, and on July 16, 2012, it obtained the second grade comprehensive qualification for road engineering testing and detection organization issued by Guangdong Transportation Engineering Quality Supervision Station. At present, our station has 35 professional detection technicians (wherein 4 are senior engineers, 8 are engineers, and 3 are assistance engineers), the overall floorage is 915m2, and the fixed assets reach RMB 13.01 million Yuan.

Bridge Detection Station is a professional detection organization, and there are three main business departments of a test room, a detection room and a general affairs room set up under it. The test room mainly undertakes the work of raw material detection for roads and bridges, soil test, site engineering quality detection for subgrades and road surfaces, bituminous concrete detection, waterproof material detection, tubular product detection, foundation bearing capacity and slope anchor rod detection; the detection room mainly undertakes test and detection items for bridge test, structure examination, road and bridge detection, technical condition assessment, anchor ropes, foundation pit and soft foundation monitoring and the like; and the general affairs room is mainly responsible for logistical support of purchasing instruments, equipment and supplies.

The Detection Station is strong in technical strength and has superior equipment. In recent years, we invested to purchase a large number of advanced bridge and road detection equipment, and hardware conditions reached the first-class level in China. We own 112 sets of large instrument and equipment in total, including large detection equipment of MOOGl5-meter bridge detection trolley, S1R-20 type road and bridge radar detection system, KUAB vehicle-mounted drop hammer type deflectograph, laser international flatness tester, road surface deficiency inspection van, etc.

The Detection Station adheres to the quality principles of “following laws and regulations, normatively perform the procedures, focus on detail control, respect customer benefit, provide sincere services, and continuously improve to be perfect”, provides impartial, scientific and timely test and detection data for quality and safety of projects. In recent years, it successively undertook the test and detection work for many key renovation and new construction projects in Shenzhen City such as Shennan Road, Sungang Road, Huanggang Road, Fulong Road, Renmin South Road in Longhua, Luosha Road, No.2 Shenyan Passageway, Chunfeng Viaduct, Beihuan Road, Longxing Road, Hongli Road, Huangge Road etc., meanwhile it performed bridge detection tasks in the regions of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shaoguan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan etc., the business scope was as wide as Pearl Delta, it provided road and bridge detection services for Dongnanxihuan Expressway in Guangzhou City, South Express Artery, Huanan Express Artery, Guangzhou New Airport Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Humen Expressway, Shuijing-Guanjingtou Expressway in Shenzhen, Qingshuihe-Pinghu Expressway in Shenzhen, and it had rich engineering experiences in road and bridge detection, bridge structure test and the like.

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