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Based on road repair and maintenance in Shenzhen City, the businesses cover the national market, and the Company takes the four businesses of “road maintenance, bridge management and maintenance, tunnel management and maintenance, and emergency rush repair” as the main line. At present, the total road management and maintenance length is 776.3km, wherein municipal roads of 556.3km (858 roads), expressways of 120km, 257 bridges, 2 tunnels, 165 retaining walls, 12 underground passages, 20 elevators, and the total management and maintenance area reaches 30.862 km2, with expressways of 120km. The content for daily maintenance work of road facilities includes daily patrol, maintenance and minor repair projects for the roads. According to classification of relevant data in maintenance work, process track and management are realized, so that normalized, standard, intelligent, elaborate and standardized operation and management flow is gradually established.

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