Luqiao Group in the process of enterprise transformation, attaches great importance to corporate culture, "soft power" construction, adhere to the one hand and management, on the one hand the construction of enterprise culture, including the formation of the core values: business philosophy; corporate mission, entrepreneurial spirit, employee code of conduct Of the more systematic corporate culture system, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote sustainable development of enterprises.
Road & bridge purpose
Pursue Engineering Ingenuity and Build Century-standing Enterprise
traditional “craftsman's spirit
Operation idea
Integrity and Agreement Fulfillment, Mutual Win-win Creation
Build Foundation by Standard and Fight for Future by Innovation
People oriented concept
Share the Fruit and Create the Future Jointly with the “Performer, Struggler and Contributor”
Enterprise responsibility
Operate Sustainably and Create the Value
Undertake Responsibilities and Bring Benefits to People

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