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Fundamental figure of the Group’s LOGO originates from the primitive pictographic elements of “road” and “bridge” and this article elaborated the industry characteristics and major business attributes of “Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group” at the beginning.

The whole pattern is composed of three fundamental figures (primitive pictographic elements), which are nearly similar in form and arrange in a three-dimensional superposition manner. That means the growth laws of natural multiply, i.e. everything goes form few to many, form little to much, form small to big and form simple to complex, which is just in line with the Taoism quintessence “The three begets all things of the world” inthe classic of Chinese classical philosophy Tao Te Ching. Learn from nature, respect laws, coexist harmoniously and promote the win-win development; all of those are quite consistent with our enterprise mission of “Build and Maintain Quality Roads and Bridges and Safeguarding City Civilization”.

The whole pattern is cut form a oval sphere and obtained through three-dimensional superposition of the fundamental figures with the main color of “Chinese red”, which symbolizes “extension”, “spanning”, “limitlessness”, “globalization”, “passion”, “thickness”, “auspiciousness”, etc. and contain the anticipation for business flourishing  and vitality abundance. All of those are just in step with our emprise spirit and idea of “Practical and Innovative, Gracious and Self-improving”.

The overall structure is of conciseness and liberality, though serious but no lacking of period feel, which embodies our steady and generous brand temperament and long-term aspiration for keeping pace with the times and the world.

Chinese characters in LOGO are provided with special design, fashionable, original and featured by strong specificity and high identification resolution. Besides steadiness and generousness, they enjoy graceful strokes and lines and strong sense of innovation, which means that we enjoy abundant accumulation and are everlasting; all of those stand for our passion we burst out and strong spirit of innovation we enjoy.

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