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Employees’ behavior norms

I. Faithful and Dedicated

 (1) Employees should firm the belief of “Dedicate Individuals and Make Contributions to the Group”; be cautious and conscientious and safeguard the Group’s benefits and reputation.
(2) We should treat the work positively and put forward opinions and suggestions actively, so as to contribute our power and wisdom.
(3) We should conform to the overall situation and be able to come out boldly at critical moment; be faithful and dedicated.

II. Decent and Equipped with Courage to Understand the Responsibility

 (4) We should be decent, honest and upright; pursue for objectiveness and fairness and never be biased; never make conclusions at will, do concealed fouls or be crazy for clique formation.
(5) We should dare to undertake the responsibility and never shuffle off responsibility and frame others; should not cater to others regardless of own interests.

III. Strict, Practical and Keep-improving

 (6) We should observe the rules strictly and be strict with ourselves; never come to work late and leave early and never be absent without leave and be corrupted.

(7) We should be honest and practical.
(8) We should be strict in work; study hard and assiduously; never give up faced with difficulty; keep improving.

IV. Stick to the Principle and Be Practical and Innovative

 (9) We should set up baseline awareness, safeguard justice and abide by rules; determinedly get rid of hidden rules and bad habits; never commit illegalities for personal gains and swim with the tide; create uprightness for the Group.

(10) We should be practical and innovative; dare to exploit the new field; never be hesitant and afraid; actively face challenges and realize self-breakthrough. 

V. Learning by Doing, Solidarity and Kindness

 (11) We should be frank and forthright and suit action to the word; don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.
(12) We should be frank and honest, friendly and get along with others; keep the promise and be of solidarity and cooperation; actively create relaxing, pleasant, mutual-respect and mutual-assistance work atmosphere.

VI. Pay Attention to Communication and Good at Acceptance

 (13) We should be good at listening and consider on a trans-positional basis; understand to each other and never be of self-centeredness.
(14) We should respect others and agree to differ; good at understanding and containing different opinions.

VII. Dignified, Modest and Polite

 (15) We should be well dressed and enjoy good behavior; be civilized in communication.
(16) We should be enthusiastic, sincere, honest, polite and considerate; neither conceited nor rash.

Administrators’ behavior norms

I. Firm Beliefs and Promote Reforms

 (1) Administrators should determine the direction guided by the Party and superior leaders; firm confidence, unite awareness and act determinedly.
(2) We should actively promote reform and innovation and initiatively get rid of those old systems and thoughts; catch reform key, motivate employees’ vigor and guide them to understand, support and participate in the reform.
(3) We constantly the abilities for disposing accident, promoting transformation development and integrating various resources; comprehensive create a excellent atmosphere where heart and soul are put into development and working. 

II. Conform to the Trend, Make Contributions and Set a Good Example

 (4) We should set up overall awareness, be focused on working center and make contributions actively and initiatively; never be boastful and of formalism; actively set example and undertake the responsibility; dare to face those major and difficult problems.
(5) Before emergent, difficult, dangerous and principal tasks, we must undertake the responsibility and make contributions; unite employees and set example for them; act as “spiker” and “doer”.
(6) We should dedicated in ordinary position and actively guide employees to keep improving; love our work and master work skills well at any time.
(7) For key, difficult and hot-point work, we should plan and promote it in person and ensure work fulfillment.

III. Right Decision and Strong Cooperation

 (8) At major and critical moment related to the overall situation and long-term benefits of reform and development of the Group and our own units, we can come out boldly and dare to make decisions, declare where we stand and take actions.
(9) We should follow various regulations and work in strict accordance with rules and procedure of debate; consciously maintain solidarity of leading body and make scientific and democratic decisions through group discussion; make the best used of resultant force of leading body members.
(10) We should strengthen teamwork awareness, know ourselves well and learn from each other; fight for the future together.

IV. Struggle, Uprightness and Mutual Creation of Culture

(11) We should actively absorb and carry forward positive energy and initiatively boycott various unhealthy thoughts and customs; establish struggling spiritual guidepost and mutual pursuit.
(12) For cultural construction, we should strengthen the promotion of core values and practice of etiquettes and make self-discipline, efficient, aggressive and harmonious employee environment.

V. Strict with Ourselves and Upright in Work

 (13) We should study national policy and business knowledge hard, accept the education on laws and regulations, morality and business knowledge consciously and improve discipline cultivation, morality and business ability.
(14) We should strictly follow the Party’s disciplines, national laws and regulations and the Group’s provisions and systems and manage and operate the enterprise according to laws; use the authority of office reasonably and be upright and incorruptible.
(15) We should follow the “Nine Never” system seriously: Never ask for much and take bribe; never accept kickback; never accept gifts; never accept entertainment and recreational activities; never introduce our relatives and friends for project contracting; never take advantages of work and authority of office to seek personal gains, etc., no matter at any excuse and in any way; never use public money for internal entertaining; never be involved in gamble; never use public car for private purpose.

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