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Enterprise Mission

Pursue Engineering Ingenuity and Build Century-standing Enterprise

Devoted to urban traffic infrastructure business, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) is focused on construction and maintenance of road and bridge and continuous creation of material and spiritual wealth, so as to lay a solid foundation for urban economic and social development.

We inherit the traditional “craftsman's spirit”: As we all know that any piece of constructional engineering is a fundamental task crucial for generations to come, in hope of building century-standing enterprise, we inherit the traditional “craftsman's spirit” and plunge into our work, cherishing devotion, love and persistence for thecause, so as to complete every task and realize every result elaborately, enable the current achievement to create value in the future and jointly build far-reaching “road & bridge classics”.

We safeguard high-quality traffic environment: Strictly following construction and maintenance standards, we ensure the quality of all details with the pursuit of “Creating Perfect Projects”; promote constant improvement of product and service with specialized technical strength, excellent construction process and method, etc. Moreover, we bear lifelong responsibility according to laws and regulations; provide far-beyond prospective engineering for customers and high-grade traffic infrastructure and service for citizens.

We create industry brand: We give play to the dual functions of market and enterprise and form a situation of tripartite confrontation and coordinated development; emphasize talent and capital cultivation and realize the excellent state of everybody’s fully displaying his/her talent and mutual development; intensify the cultivation of the five core abilities “Group Management, Marketing, Project Management, Technical Innovation and Key Execution” and create excellent industry brand featured by advanced idea, outstanding technology and excellent achievement.

We make contribution to urban civilization: Considering building beautiful city as our duty, we vein various city roads, improve traffic environment, promote city image and boom city economy; shouldering enterprise responsibility, we make the best use of the principal acting point and provide reliable safety assurance and sincere enterprise caring; we completely perform green construction concept and follow green operating standard, to ensure that the whole construction process is energy-saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly and we can make contribution to city civilization and progress and citizen life happiness.

Enterprise Vision

Become a Widely-Respected Comprehensive Service Supplier!

Occupied in urban traffic infrastructure field, we are trying to upgrade ourselves to a conscientious, excellent and reputed enterprise giant that peers admire, employees are proud of, customers trust and the public praise!

We are focused on urban traffic infrastructure: Based on Shenzhen, we lay out the wholeChina; concentrating on the three businesses “City Service, Engineering Construction and Property Development”, we establish the two platforms, i.e. “city control and maintenance service” and “engineering construction management” and become the leading-in-Shenzhen and nationwide-known expert for urban traffic infrastructure construction and maintenance.

We provide high-quality comprehensive service: Taking service capacity, quality and yield result as the criterion for evaluating enterprise value, we make the best of our wisdom and capacity to serve audiences actively, to fulfill the contract, create the value andset up the brand with excellent service and to provide reliable, convenient and superior traffic facilities. On that basis, we actively boost moderate diversification of business, cultivate the comprehensive service capacity integrating “maintenance” “repair”, “construction” and “investment” and gradually upgrade ourselves to a comprehensive service supplier with “distinct specialized characteristics, outstanding brand image, advanced management service and tremendous comprehensive strength”.

We are aimed to be a well-thought-of enterprise: Considering “Creating Value for Customers” as the fundamental factor for business prosperity, we provide fine engineering and excellent service that surpasses customer’s anticipation and are aimed to be trusted and praised by customers or citizens. Taking “Growing with Employees Together” as our operation and management purpose, we do cherish the employees who struggle with the Group side by side and share weal or woe with the Group, ensure employees’ rights and benefits, set up the platform for realizing their values and share the fruit of our development with them. Taking “Enhancing Comprehensive Strength” as the guarantee for sustainable operation, we will intensify technology innovation, cultivate authorized talents, upgrade management ability and heighten our industry voice.

Considering “Improving Brand Value” as the cornerstone for spanning development, we will get widely recognized by all sectors of society, by means of fine engineering, delicate service, advanced capacity and positive enterprise culture. Taking “Fulfilling Society Responsibilities” as the manifestation of enterprise value, we will show our “Road & Bridge Love” in emergency rescue, earthquake relief work and helping those in distress. Treating “Preserving Ecological Environment” as the responsibility of enterprise growth, we will carry out green construction, build landscape engineering, protect environment and bring benefit to the society.

Core Values

Conscientious and Contributing, Practical and Honest, Meticulous and Thoughtful, Improving and Aggressive

Conscientious and Productive: In a dedicated and responsible manner, everyone should make contributions to the society and create the value actively. At daily time, he/she should be the contributor who effectively promotes the completion of our performance; at critical moment, he/she should come out boldly, conform to the overall situation and be the combat ranger who is able to fight a fierce battle and good at fighting the hard battle; in reformation period, with passions for doing great things and starting a business, he/she should be brave enough to undertake pioneering task and be the in-charge person for supporting the cause of the Group, exploring actively and innovating boldly.

Practical and Honest: All those with honest character, practical style and efficient execution should be credited and praised by the public. As a person, he/she should be honest and practical and be the trustworthy and reliable “doer” and any boasting and buckpassing cannot be found on him/her; upon doing things, he/she should keep improving, i.e. passionate and be skilled in the industry that he/she works on and give fully play to himself/herself; in term of learning, he/she should thicken the sediment of professional knowledge, work skill and ideological quality and be the admirable expert who is modest, prudent and rich in connotation; as for interpersonal communication, he/she should care for colleagues and work in unity and close cooperation, i.e. follow “simple” principle rather than get crazy for “human relationship”, “clique affairs” and other unhealthy ways and customs.

Meticulous and Thoughtful: Cherishing service mindset, everyone should be meticulous and thoughtful and yield fruit that surpasses the anticipation. Faced with customers, everyone should centre customers’ basic demands, give ear to them, deliver satisfactory products and create customer value, in general, “lead the road to the citizen’ heart”! For work, focused on the demands of process downstream and satisfaction of work audiences, everyone should get familiar with work requirements, carefully and efficiently carry out tasks and complete tasks at a high-standard basis, generally, “convey the work to the colleague’s heart”!

Improving and Aggressive: Everyone should constantly improve him/her and always pursue excellent work, i.e. should be aggressive. For working, he/she should keep up with those at higher level and be strict with him/her based on “craftsman’s spirit” and “perfection thought”, i.e. insist on “Very good!” rather than “Just so so!”. For learning, he should learn from those with entrepreneurship, i.e. understand their work attitude, quality and capacity, promote self-improvement and never have the unhealthy feeling of “laughing at fighter”.

Enterprise Spirit

Practical and Innovative, Gracious and Self-improving

For “Practical and Innovative”, one the hand, everyone should open the new wisdom and create new situation with practical and active actions; on the other hand, everyone should ensure the application of innovation realistically based on the Group’s reality. For “Gracious and Self-improving”, everyone should not only become a footstone for our forceful development through excellent morality but also thicken moral connotation in the way in which he/she asks for self-improvement. We can realize “Self-improving” through “Practical”, “Innovative” and “Gracious”: no matter how the environment changes, we should endeavor to improve ourselves, unite to each other, overcome all obstacles and strive for the best, so as to create value for customers, society and ourselves, to be specific:

The factor “Practical” is the basic requirement of engineering construction for “Road & Bridge Man”. Standing on the foundation of “Practical”, we should refuse any boasting and formalism; in general, with aims and keeping calm, we should be down-to-earth in every task and yield substantial results through really doing, as it is always saying that every little makes a miracle.

Oriented to “Road & Bridge Man”, the factor “Innovative” is what the era is calling for in the new normality and marketization form. We should never satisfy the current situation and restrain ourselves but promote the development by holding the arm of “Innovative”. In particular, we enjoy innovation and breakthrough in strategy, mode, management, technology, etc.; while for business layout and territory, we should explore the new field of “Road & Bridge”.

The factor “Gracious” is our character sediment for over thirty years’ zeal for dedication. We develop the business by means of “Gracious”; particularly, we abide by commercial morality, create forgiving and win-win commercial environment, inject self-discipline, high-efficiency, forward-looking and harmonious positive energy and build “conscientious engineering” that will benefit our future generations.

The factor “Self-improving” is our power source for new challenge and pressure. Holding the arm of “Self-improving”, we travel around the world; in detail, putting, the thought in general situation of reformation and development, we firm the confidence, impose our own pressure and get rid of the thought of “Waiting, Relying and Daydream” unhesitatingly; strongly and bravely overcome the obstacles and enlarge our business field, never giving up and got depressed.

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