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Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group conducted in-depth training to improve safe production standard management
Author:Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group

On November 24, Shenzhen Road and Bridge Group conducted in-depth training for safe production standard management in west meeting room on 23rdfloor of Shenzhen Road & Bridge’s headquarters. The training focuses on 16 items for primary standard review of safe production, issued by Ministry of Communications. More than 80 persons form Shenzhen Road and Bridge Group and its branches attended this training.

During the training, instructor delivered detailed introduction and explanation on key points, evaluation, and material sorting of the 16 items, including safety goals, management organization and persons, safety liability system, laws and safety management system, safe technology management, hazard identification and risk control, hazard inspection and treatment, occupational health, safety culture, performance assessment and continuous improvement.

After the training, Liao Liji made concluding remarks. He fully acknowledged the achievement of safety standards working group, and highly praised instructor’s hard working and training. He required all safety management staffs shall put safety standard as an entry point in the future, and reach procedural management and standard operation through well performing safety standards. Meanwhile, the safety management staffs shall full recognize the gap between current management and standard management, and further the efforts in right way.

This training would present a unified thought for all safety management staffs. This would contribute to the construction of all members’ participation in safety production, and thus could push Shenzhen Road & Bridge’s safety management to a new level. 


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