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Shenzhen Road & Bridge Hosted Establishment Conference of 5 Institutes and View Seminar over Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
Author:Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group

To improve scientific and innovative ability, and to facilitate technical exchanges among staffs, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group hosted establishment conference of 5 institutes and view seminar over Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the morning of August 1stin east meeting room on 23rdfloor. Liu Shengxiang, general manager and Chen Wenxian, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection attended this conference and give remarks. 67 persons, including technical backbones from Engineering Management Department, Business Development Department, Technology Center, all research centers and branches, attended the conference, which was presided by Liao Liji, the vice-general manager of Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group.

During the conference, Wang Yuan, director general of Technology Center, read out the formal document of establishment and members of all institutes. The 5 institutes are affiliated to Technology Center, namely Road Engineering Institute, Building Information Institute, Bridge Defect Prevention Institute, Geotechnical Engineering Institute, and Resource Regeneration and Use Institute.

During the seminar, all participants viewed the video of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to further learn engineering experience. Liao Liji, vice-general manager, Wan Xiaodong, and Wu Jiazhi from Luohu Branch, Liu Yongcai from Futian Branch, and Doctor Li Jiwei from Bridge Inspection Station delivered speeches, and conducted deep discussion and presented many constructive suggestions on initial plan, construction management, organization, advanced technologies, and industrialization, modularization and prefabrication revolution of modern construction.

Liu Shengxiang said that, viewing Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge provided us with an understanding that current construction was experiencing revolutionary changes both on engineering management and technologies. Though a huge gap between Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group and large central enterprises, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group shall absorb common things and continue self-improvement on management and technology. During engineering construction, the management was crucial. We shall make good top design, complete management system and task decomposition, and then leave the right work to professional teams. By this way, any complex project can be solved. For technology, staff shall be with a wide view and more communication to improve technology level and innovation ability, and thus further push enterprise’s innovation ability.

At last, Liu Shengxiang congratulated the establishment of 5 institutes, and called for active actions towards transformation and upgrading. He required that all institutes shall make development plans, scientific project and implementations so as to make contributions to enterprise’s reforms and technology innovation. 


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