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Gong Xiaonan Academician attended Expert Discussion Meeting about Tinghai Road Foundation Engineering Design Optimization Suggestion in Qianhai II Project
Author:Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group

As to Tinghai Road foundation engineering design optimization in Qianhai II Project, the width supporting cross section is about 40m-70m, the depth is between 12m-23m, and the length is about 680m. These features make it rare case in China, and to construct such a huge foundation in adverse geological conditions in costal landfill area requires more construction organization and technical support.To ensure safety in Tinghai Road construction and steady push, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group hosted “Expert Discussion Meeting about Tinghai Road Foundation Engineering Design Optimization Suggestion in Qianhai II Project” in the morning of September. Many famous geotechnical engineering experts, including Gong Xiaonan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mo Haihong, professor of South China University of Technology, Shi Jianyong, professor of Hohai University, Chen Renpeng, professor of Zhejiang University, attended this discussion, making this discussion a domestic geotechnical engineering summit. Liu Shengxiang, general manager, and Liao Liji, vice-general manager, Li Hongshao, senior director, and other technicians also attended this discussion.

Before the discussion, experts make an on-the-spot survey to Tinghai Road, and reviewed construction drawing, altered design and optimization repots. On the discussion Liu Shegnxiang introduced general information and Shenzhen Road & Bridge’s concerns. Zhang Aijun elaborated the “Tinghai Road Foundation Engineering Design Optimization Suggestion in Qianhai II Project” (hereinafter referred as “Optimization Suggestion”) by drawing review and calculations. Through exchange and discussion, experts all thought Optimization Suggestion used engineering analogy, standard methods, and numerical simulation to deeply analyze envelop enclosure and foundation treatment. The demonstration process was clear with complete evidence. Measures and suggestions of Optimization Suggestion were valuable to construction drawing optimization. Meanwhile, experts proposed valuable opinions to the built-in depth of fender post, foundation waling combination, foundation internal and external soil mass, chemical churning pile, and mixing amount of cement mixing pile. They suggested the design unit to considerate the above contents in drawing design and further design.

This discussion fully affirmed Shenzhen Road & Bridge’s research to retaining and protecting of deep foundation. To the technicians, especially to technology management staffs, this discussion was actually a good technical counseling and training in Qianhai project, and it would enhance staffs confidence and determination to complete Shenzhen Road & Bridge’s quality construction. Experts’ opinions and suggestion were specific and helpful to deep foundation optimization design and construction for Qianhai II project.  



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