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Qianhai II Project Department Learned BIM Information Construction Technology
Author:Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group

The construction unit required that BIM technology shall be used to conduct synchronous information construction for Tinghai Road and underground road construction in Qianhai project II. This technology could pre-judge possible engineering problems by 3-D visible demonstration and thus optimize construction layout and reduce engineering risks. On January 7th, 2015, Shenzhen Road & Bridge Group sentQianhai Project Department to Shenzhen Das Intellectual Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Das) to consult and learn BIM information technology. During the meeting, Das elaborated the purpose of BIM information technology, features of software, and presented 3-D visible model and post render effects of subway construction by PPT. Later, both parties exchanged and discussed over some relevant issues.

Qianhai II Project Department gained a further understanding about BIM information technology, and thus laid a solid foundation for project information management. 


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